The changing trends of hats!

Remember the day when hats were all the rage? Well wearing a hat certainly wasn’t a ‘cool thing’ when I was growing up in the 90’s.

To be honest, I always saw hats as an accessory used to protect you from the sun, and I certainly never really considered it a fashion accessory. Even today hats are hardly worn by the masses unless you are at the park or the beach, and most of these hats are far from flattering. However if you look back at the late 1800’s, right through to the 1950’s, hats were a must have fashion accessory for every woman! Over history, some hats did have a purpose to protect a woman’s face from the sun, however most hats were purely a style item worn to compliment any woman’s outfit.

If you ever look at historical photographs during this era, you would hardly ever see a woman out and about without some form of hat on her head. Hats were also available in many colours, styles shapes and sizes and made suitable for practically every occasion. This is far from the case now when wearing a hat for women is often considered a chore; partially due to the fear of ‘hat hair’ once the hat is no longer worn.

So in celebration of hats, here are a series of pictures summarising the changing trends of hats in each decade (From the 1890’s – 1950’s) when hats ruled and were an essential fashion accessory:
























2 responses to “The changing trends of hats!

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  2. I love seeing pictures of British royal events and all of the “fascinator hats”. Sometimes the young women wear such outrageous ones! I own one hat for the winter when I need to cover my head. Hats always give me headaches. Of the hats pictured above, I am most attracted to the hats of the 20’s and 30’s. Love this post!

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