Quirky and Cute Online Bargains of the week!

I have found these super cute online bargains from OZ Sale that I think you are all going to love! Be warned, all of my finds are super girly, super colorful and at times quirky!


First up I have found a very cute selection of floral dresses. I love colorful floral patterns and there are heaps of very beautiful and trendy floral dresses around at the moment.


This dress is from V.O.K Fashion and is for sale here at Oz Sale for $29! I think it is an elegant length just above the knee and the black backing on the floral print combined with this particular cut of dress makes this girly floral dress a very edgy and modern look.


This pair of dresses are by Cocolatte and they are for sale here at Oz Sale for $8 for both of them! These are very cute casual summer dresses. Great to take on a summer holiday. I also think they are a very flattering shape and with the right accessories, this casual dress  could be suited to many different occasions.


This super cute dress by Only Moiety is available here at Oz Sale for $29! I love how the pink pops in this dress. It is very sexy and feminine! I think this makes for a great evening dress to go out to dinner in or meet up with some friends at a nightspot.


I have also found a great selection of unique and very cute shoes by ‘Poetic Licence’. I consider these to be equivalent to princess shoes that will really make you stand out in the crowd.

80d907db7acf3f6de84420d6a8e49219 These leather and suede shoes look like they came right out of a story book. Cute cream heels featuring a purple glittered inside lining really make these shoes one of a kind. You can buy them here from Oz Sale for $49!


Now these shoes certainly are unique! I don’t know what you would wear them with but I think they are darn cute. The unique wedge heel has really sold me here. These shoes are available here for Oz Sale for $34!


These shoes are all about the pop of color! Neon colors have been very on trend at the moment and this pink and orange combo really packs a punch. The shoes are so vibrant and feminine and i can’t help but get a 60’s vibe from them. These shoes are available here from Oz Sale for $49!


Now if you didn’t think this post could get any girly-er, take a look at these amazing handbags! With a pop of color and feminine detail like this, how could you go wrong?


Isn’t this bag just adorable? It is obviously very Asian inspire with the cute little doll key chain dangling off the bag’s arm strap.  Since it is a bag with a doll on it, why not go all out and buy the bag in hot pink! Its a decent sized handbag with a lock, sturdy straps and a solid structure. This bag is available here from Oz Sale for $44!


The bright shade of blue is absolutely stunning on this piece, and the feminine detail in the clasp is just perfection. This cute bag has two sturdy hand holds and an across the body strap as well as a simple lock and handy compartments. This bag is just too darn cute! You can buy it here from Oz Sale for $40!


This bag has less structure compared to the previous two but yet again the color has sold me on this pearly peach passion handbag. I am always drawn to various shades of peach as I think it is a feminine color that pops without looking too much like a barbie doll compared to other pink selections. This bag can be four here from Oz Sale for $40! 


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