Date and Orange Garden Salad Recipe

I would love to share this amazing salad with you which I discovered while on holiday in France. I was served this salad as an entree for lunch at a little restaurant in Paris. It is so easy, delicious and healthy, I just had to make the salad myself!

What makes this salad so awesome?

– The dates combined with the salad make it so tasty, you don’t even need salad dressing

– Its a great way to eat your spinach in a tasty way

– The acidity in the orange keeps it fresh for longer

– So easy to make with 6 healthy ingredients

photo (12)


– Leafy Greens (lettuce, mixed salad leaves or preferably baby spinach leaves)

– Cucumber (sliced and halved)

– Tomato (diced) / Cherry tomatoes (halved)

– Dates (sliced)

– Oranges / Mandarins

– Avocado (diced)

How do I make this awesome Salad?

Combine all of the ingredients above in whatever quantity you wish. Depending on what ingredients I have at the time, I don’t always use avocado or cucumber, however the dates and oranges or mandarins are a must for this recipe! I actually used a mandarin and an orange in the salad featured in this pic.

Some other great additions to this salad that I love are diced pecan nuts or some sunflower seeds lightly fried in some oil.

photo (13)

Try it yourself!

I hope you like this tasty salad as much as I do! Give it a go for yourself and let us know what you think! Also, feel free to share your own suggestions for other great twists that could be added to this salad.


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