Yummy Pink Drinks!

Yes I love pink, and this love of pink also extends into beverages! I have found these gorgeous pics of various pink drinks perfect for every taste and occasion. I have also included the recipes so you can make your very own pink thirst quencher for yourself! You don’t realize how many tasty pink drinks are out there until you start looking and I can guarantee there will be a very pretty and tasty pink drink here that will suit your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your favorite beverage at your next party or get together with a bit of pink!

Pink Lemonade:


The first pink delight is the pink lemonade! Lemonade is the perfect refreshing drink for summer, so next time you have a picnic, a ladies lunch or backyard BBQ with friends, why not add a bit of pink into your day and opt for pink lemonade instead. Find the recipe here to make your very own pink lemonade!

Blueberry Lemonade:


This extra special lemonade is made from blueberries which makes the lemonade a very passionate pink color. This beverage will make  any event extra glamorous and it sure looks pretty! The recipe can be found here

Pink Lemonade Sherbet Party Punch:


The kids are going to have a hard time resisting this one! This is the perfect pink party punch, perfect for your next kids party! I love the color and the addition of the lemon slices. delish! Learn how to make your very own punch here 

Strawberry Milkshake:


Now for a pink flavor of the milky kind! Who doesn’t love a milkshake? especially a strawberry milkshake made from fresh strawberries! Doesn’t this look cute and delicious?! The recipe can be found here

Strawberry and Almond Milkshake:

Strawberry Milkshake(C)delishsis

If a strawberry milkshake is a bit boring for you, this strawberry and almond milkshake is a great alternative! Why not also try serving your favorite pink beverage in a classic glass jar like this? Its a very cute and quirky idea that makes your beverage look a bit more special. Check out the recipe here

Strawberry Smoothie:


Pink drinks can be healthy too, such as the classic strawberry smoothie!  Perfect for breakfast and easy to make. Make your very own healthy smoothie from the recipe found here 

Watermelon Sherbet Smoothie:


Oh my! How good do these look!? These amazing watermelon sherbet smoothies would be great for the kids!  These icy delights are made with real watermelon. Check out the recipe here

Watermelon Lime Smoothie:


This is a healthy and unique twist on the watermelon smoothie with the addition of lime! The presentation is lovely in this picture too. Wouldn’t you love to be able to make a smoothie that looks this pretty!? You can find the recipe here

Pink Fizz Cocktail:


Some of the prettiest pink beverages for all you adults out there would have to be the cocktails! This is a  very simple cocktail anyone can make with vodka, champagne, lime juice mint leaves and cranberry juice. Check out the recipe here

Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic:


This light pink tonic looks very refreshing and dainty. They look so delicious you may need to be careful not to drink too many! Find the recipe for this watermelon tonic here

Ritzy Raspberry Cocktail:


Raspberries are also a great ingredient to add some pink to your favorite drink and the ritzy raspberry cocktail is a great example. Don’t shy away from using one of these fantastic jars for your cocktails too! Check out this cocktail recipe here

Pink Lemonade Cocktail:

DSC_1343 (640x425)

This is about as simple as it gets for a pink alcoholic beverage! Add some vodka to pink lemonade and you have a tasty pink alcoholic beverage to enjoy! If you need a recipe to make this, you can find it here 


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