The 1950’s woman – home decor

I found this lovely vintage styled wallpaper featuring hand drawn ladies in 1950’s dresses, and it inspired me to hunt around the internet to see what other 1950’s woman or 1950’s housewife decor is out there. I love the era as I think the women look very feminine and elegant.

Most of the modern items reflecting the woman of the era really play on the ‘perfect housewife’ image, depicting a woman who seems perfect on the surface, but underneath she is a slave to her household duties and her family and she is slowly and quietly going insane. However, i am seeking out decor with depictions of strong, confident and beautiful women of the era. I hope some of these pieces inspire you to bring a piece of  the 1950’s woman into your household!


First up is the lovely wallpaper that I used as inspiration for my hunt! It’s very charming and feminine! This wall paper can be found here!


I also found these beautiful vintage 1950’s lady head vases! This little lady above looks very elegant. She is a simple white china piece with gold lipstick and gold trimmings across her neck and shoulder. You can purchase this elegant miss at the Etsy store here


The second lady vase is a bit more colorful and flirtatious. She has a blond bob much like Marilyn Monroe. She also has a long set of lashes, pouty pink lips and slightly excessive dash of pink in her cheeks and hair. You can purchase this Flirty vase at the Etsy store here


These lovely creations are a set of cupcake toppers featuring the beautiful faces of 1950’s women! This would be a perfect addition to any 1950’s themed party or even a speak tea party with the girls! These can be purchased at the Etsy store here


This lovely picture is available on Etsy as a print you can hang up in your home! It is an advertisement for Pepsi in 1953 featuring a strong and confident business woman. This is a great example of powerful women in the fifties, and shows that not all women in this era were housewives! You can purchase this print here

I hope this post has inspired you to add a little piece of the 1950’s woman into your home 🙂


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