All Things Squishy!

I randomly came across this cute little online store called ‘Kawaii Land‘, and low and behold, I have found what seems to be the homeland of all things squishy! Yes squishy! Everyone secretly loves squishing a squishy thing. It is hard to describe the delight it brings, but anyone with access to a squishy thing would not deny that squishing it temporarily relieves their stress and brings them joy.

So if you are in the market for a squishy thing, ‘Kawaii Land‘ has many options on offer! It will also be quite obvious in this post that my personal favorite squishy items are in the form of food items!


Firstly we have these delightful squishy waffle charms! These come in all your favorite waffle flavors and  colors! They are also miniature so you are unable to confuse them with real waffles.


How could you not want a squishy ice cream? Especially when they come in so many colors and theoretical flavors! Just attach it to anything you own and it will look 100 times cuter!


Now if these little guys weren’t miniature, it would be very hard to tell them apart from the real thing! They are mini squishy sesame buns! Who wouldn’t want to share their love of sesame buns by attaching one to their phones!


Now if miniature is not your style, why not go for two full sized donuts to accessories yourself in the tastiest way possible! How stylish would you look if you had these babies dangling off your car keys? You would never loose your car keys again when you have a pair of tasty looking donuts attached to them!

kawaii-medium-squishy-savory-donut-charms (1)

If a standard donuts is not glam enough for you, how about one of these excessively decorated glazed squishy donuts? Why not add this look as an accessory attached to your wallet? Sure, the donut may be bigger than your wallet, but it could prove to be a great distraction for potential wallet thieves whilst doubling as a life sized, tasty accessory!


For a super squishy sweet treat with a foreign flavor  you could go past the squishy french cruller. To be honest, I have never heard of a ‘Cruller’ before, but if you like cruller’s or if you want to appear as if  you know exotic foods, this squishy accessory is a must! 


Owning a life sized squishy piece of toast with a cute animal printed on the front is bound to make you popular! I mean, having a piece of toast hanging off your bag, phone or keys, out in public is not odd at all, so you will definitely be in the ‘in’ crowd by accessorizing with this unique squishy piece! 


And finally, possibly one of the cutest and healthiest squishy accessory of them all is of course the squishy Tofu! He even has a face and everything! This is the perfect example of how the wonderful world of Kawaii can turn any boring piece of food, such as tofu into a wonderfully cute must have accessory! 

So if you are as keen as I am to check out or buy all of the cute and squishy things on offer at ‘Kawaii Land’, check out the website or visit the facebook page!  🙂


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