Everything is better in minature

I have always had a thing for miniature things. Especially miniature food! So I guess you could say I was more than excited when I discovered PetitPlat. This little website is a one stop shop for all things miniature! Not to mention, all if these little creations have been made by one lady by the name of Stéphanie Kilgas.

Here are just a few items that she has made and can be found on her facebook page or in her online shop:


Look at all of these delicious miniature treats!


These biscuits look so tasty, but they are not for eating, they are for wearing!


These tasty looking fruit flans are actually earrings! 


Miniature ice creams also make great earnings too don’t you think?


Earrings aren’t the only miniature food accessory to add to your outfit. Why not try a bracelet lined with miniature donuts!?


Savory snacks get the miniature treatment too!


You would never know this bread was miniature, it looks so real!

If you love miniatures, or if you have found a new appreciation for them. Make sure you drop into the PetitPlat website to make a purchase or to have a look around at all of the cute pictures at least! There are also lots more cute pics like these on the facebook page 🙂


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