Eating Humble Pie


So much emphasis is placed on being self-confident in life, and whilst this is a valuable trait to have, I have come to find that it is equally important to know how to be humble.

For some people, being humble does not come naturally to them, especially for people that may have too much self-confidence. People with too much self-confidence may unintentionally come across as being cocky, arrogant or stuck up without realizing it.

Don’t get me wrong, being confident in yourself and proud of who you are is fantastic, and everyone should aim for this in their life, however not everyone wants to know about it!

If you make a habit of gushing about all of your success and good fortune in your life, it could cause other people to feel insecure about their lives, and feel inadequate in themselves which could lead to others resenting you. Others may also think that you believe you are better than everybody else.

So how does one eat some humble pie and prevent potential resentment?

Basically its about building your confidence up without dragging others down.

For example: if a friend of yours is talking to you about their crappy little house, it’s probably not best to follow it up by talking about how perfect your house is!

It is also about being appreciative and thankful for what you have as well as being appreciative to those around you.

For example: if you were in an interview for a new job, rather than telling your potential boss that you totally deserved the job and if you weren’t offered the job, they would be missing out, it would probably be more appropriate to say that you are grateful to get the job and you intend to work hard and do your best in the role.

It is also about seeing the value and worth in others and believing that other peoples thoughts and lives are just as important as yours.
Out in celebrity world, the best person in my opinion who is the farthest thing from being humble is this man >>


Kanye West.
From what I have seen of this guy in the media, he seems to be a pretty arrogant person.

So if in doubt, just think to yourself >>

Is this something Kanye would say or do?

If so, you are probably being a bit arrogant and you may be in need of some humble pie!

So remember that being humble is an admirable quality that makes you likable and relate-able.

Don’t be a Kanye! 😛

In Conclusion:

While having self confidence and loving yourself are important in maintaining self value and worth, humility is also an important quality which shows that you also see value and worth in others.


One response to “Eating Humble Pie

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Being humble isn’t always easy but it’s definitely the best way to be in life. An inspiring piece. Think I may go and eat some humble pie!

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