About Quirky Pony

One Quirky Little Blog

This blog has been written by two sisters! We both love taking pictures and hunting down cute, one of a kind items,  household furniture and decoration, fashion and food. We are also keen to share our own recipes, DIY ideas, product reviews and opinions on social trends and world events that interest us!

This little lifestyle blog of ours will touch on each of the following topics that affect everybody’s daily life including:

Self – Advice on looking after yourself and your relationships

Style – Style tips and fashion finds

Space – home, work, travel and DIY

Stuff – Our fav products

Scrumptious   – Tasty treats and recipe ideas. 

Society – Our opinion on social topics and the world around you

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!


There is more to us than just a Quirky Little Pony!

Just two average sisters here with different tastes, ideas and advice we hope to share with our readers.

We each write our own posts and we both have our own persona’s with our own quirky personalities, interests and tastes, so if you like one of our tastes more than the other, just look for our name in the menu on the right hand side of the blog’s home page to view each of our posts!

Sweet and Sinister

Cute and Crazy




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